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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  June 29, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland" at 4:30. democrats and republicans are trying to use the supreme court decision on the health care law in their favor. we will explain the ruling and how it impacts you. baltimore law makers may have decide on the fate of a dozen or so city rec centers but that's not stopping some from trying to keep them from closing. but first, let's look live at ocean this morning. down at rehobeth beach, that's ocean city maryland this morning. we have more on the heat and we want to let you note baltimore health commissioner has declared today through sunday a code red heat alert day with temperatures soaring and flirting with 100 degrees. let's get started on everything you need to know city offering cooling centers where to get free water and a place to cool down. but let's find out how badly you need it and send it over to
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lynette charles. >> before we talk about the heat we have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect right now. we are looking at carroll county and frederick county points back off to the west. and also to the north, so if you are sliding towards maybe pennsylvania this morning, you are going to be on the wet side and stormy side. thunderstorms are lots of lightning around elizabethtown, york and york springs and nasty storms and all this is liedingaross i-81 as of now. but as you go out, be careful for that. the thunderstorms are moving off towards the north and east atabout 60 miles an hour. biggest threat gusty winds and damaging winds and hail the size of quarters. i will keep you update on this as we go through the rest of the morning in effect until about 5:00. and now we are going to zoom in and talk about the fact well, we have some heat to talk about and we can see the areas shaded in the orange. the heat advisory in effect at
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11 until 9:00 this evening. more details coming up but let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. a littles abouty on my end what does it look like on the roads. >> reporter: we have breaking news where there's a two-alarm fire that shut down carroll street. we are on the scene and megan will bring you more information coming up in a few minutes. we have the ongoing construction on 895 at o'donnell street. no delays through the harbor tunnel and checking in and looking live at 95 at eastern avenue, every thing up to speed. traveling in white marsh area, 4 minutes from the beltway to route 43 and if you are traveling 695, it's going to take you 11 minutes on the outer loop from 95 to 83. the west side is nice and clear. it's just going to take you 12 minutes to travel from 795 down towards 95. we just launched a free gas card give away for your chance to win, just like my facebook profile. and you are looking at it. all the details to enter are at the top of my profile. we are giving away $600 every
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week all summer in free gas card. be be sure to enter. now over to you. >> thanks. we have breaking news out of southwest baltimore this morning. crews are working to put out a fire at a row home. it is in the 1900 block ofresponseon street. -- sponson. they believe the home is vacant but homes surrounding it are occupied. so smoke and flames have been shooting from the building for the past 15 minutes. it's near camden yards and m and t bank stadium. we will bring you more information when it becomes available so stay with us this morning. now to the latest on the supreme court decision to uphold the majority of president obama's landmark health care law. that includes the mandate requiring all individuals to have health insurance or pay a fine. you might wonder what does it mean for me? when the mandate goes into effect in 2014 there will be more subsidies and plans available to low income people.
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several provisions are in placefor example parents can keep children on the policy as long as they are in college. you cannot be be denied coverage if you have a preexisting condition and you can't be dropped because you are sick. there are prescription drug discounts for seniors on medicaid and coming up in 15 minutes, we will have a liveinterview with the local health care expert to go into depth on the ruling and impact to you. happening today, george zimmerman is expected to go before a florida judge and ask to be released on bond. he has been behind bars charged in the death of trayvon martin. he was initially released after hess arrest but the judge sent him back to jail because of donations the zimmerman didn't disclose at his april bond hearing. he is expected to be granted bail but the bond could be much higher given the true state of his finances. the florida woman who became known as hiccup girl is due in court a judge will decide if she should be tried
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for murder separately from her codefendants. she is accused of helping lure 23-year-old into an alley where he was shot in a robbery attempt. she became famous ahmed-- and made headlines rather because she had weeks of dealing with the hiccups. baltimore city council approved the merrill mayor's budget including closing several recreational centers along the city. supporters are trying to reverse the decision. they are hoping that the save our city rally tonight at the mary rodham rec senter will keep it open. that starts 569:30. baltimore city police say the son of the city state's attorney has been charged with assault. owen bernstein is greg bernstein's son and they say the younger bernstein and his roommate got into a fight and they went to the hospital and have been released and they are fine. but police have charged them with second degree assault. crews have been working throughout the night to fix a gas main break in anne arundel county that happened on rideel
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road around 11 yesterday morning. firefighters say a contractor hit a gas main and that happened near a day care center with 100 kids evacuated. no one lost service and rideel is closed between chapel court and gunison court. firefighters are still battling the raging wild fires in colorado. and it's taking a huge toll on them there. >> there is no way around it. i would never go home again. >> we will hear more from a couple who lost everything and they consider themselves some of the lucky ones. plus, you won't be be sweating it out or alone this weekend because other states are expecting really hot temperatures as well. so we will have a look at places that have already hit triple digits. lauren. >> good morning no problems on
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. >> we weren't the only ones feeling the heat. north carolina is bracing for what could be four straight days of 100 degrees plus a heat advisory has been issued in excessive heat watch throughout the weekend. playing tennis under the sun probably not the best idea. but they have the right idea with drinking water. in chicago, temperatures hit triple digits for the first time since 2005. it reached 100 yesterday at o'hare international airport. the official recording station. and when the cold front came in, temperatures dropped to a cool 80 degrees. but 80 does seem pretty cool when you are sweating it out at 100. >> i am forecasting around 100 today and we will feel the triple digits through the rest of the weekend. we have severe weather to talk about this morning.
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we have severe thunderstorm watches and warnings. so the severe thunderstorm warning is in effect until 5:00 for all the areas here shaded in the red color. so now we are looking at the county's -- counties of baltimore and carroll and back towards frederick and this is extended into harford county as of now. points northward heading into pennsylvania and the yellow watch box, well, this is a severe thunderstorm watch that is in effect this morning as well. we can see on maryland's most powerful radar, putting the track of the storms sliding towards the south and east as of now and it reaches manchester and westminster in the next 30 to 40 minutes. large hail and also some damaging winds. i will keep you abreast of the situation as we go through the rest of the morning. but right now let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. there's breaking news in southwest baltimore a two- alarmhouse fire at carroll street that's shut down.
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it seems as though the house is vacant. abc2 news is on the scene and we will bring you the very latest as it becomes available. construction continues on 895south of the harbor tunnel. no delays as of yet. heading on 95 in white marsh it's nice and clear into the city. hoare it's harrisburg expressway and hunt valley at shawan road not too many cars. it will be a calm ride towards 695. and this is in overly at bel air road 11 minutes from 95 up to 83. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. news time 4:41. we are continuing coverage of the supreme court decision on health care law. i talking with local ex-- law by talking with local experts on how it will impact you. >> reporter: we are at franklin square hospital and will talk to a registered nurse how it will impact you and your family when it comes to taking care of your health. >> perhaps you heard people talk about juicing it. what does that mean? how does it improve your
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health? we have juicing 101 tips for you. you are waking up to what's new in maryland. we will be right back. ñ'
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4:44. thanks for joining us. the pretrial hearing mft case of -- case of major hassan will continue in court this morning. he is accused of 32 counts of attempted murder and could face the death penalty. wikileaks founder must turn himself in by 6:30 to london police. he has been seeking political asylum in london ever since last week he's tries to avoid extradition to sweden where he is wanted on sex charges. and it's a big weekend for former o's manager earl weaver a sculpture unveiling takes place tomorrow after 2 p.m. for weaver unveiling as part of the o's legend celebration series honoring 6 of the greatest oriole all time.
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a big night for dr. joe hairs -- heirston a who is -- hairston who is retiring after serving as superintendent for 12 years. there will be a dinner and reception tonight in cockeysville. there's a new way to enjoy italian ice. sour patch kids redeye talian ice is the new flavor in stores beginning today and it will run until july 22nd. lauren and lynette what do you think? you giving it a try? >> my eyes watered. >> i am not a fan of sour patch kids. >> we know what we are doing after the show. first let's talk about the heat because it might be a good day to get to righta's to get something to -- rita's to getsomething to cool down. >> it's going to be a hot one but we have severe thunderstorm warnings in effect. you can see the red coloring on maryland's most powerful radar
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but we zoom in on the storms that are bearing down on the areas around gettysburg and gusty winds damaging winds in excess of 60 miles an hour and large hail with the storms towards york. red lion more of the same. and this is going to be sliding off towards us as we head through the remainder of the morning. i will keep you updated on the information. >> traffic there are closures people need to be aware of. >> following breaking news out of southwest baltimore. we have a crew on the scene of atwo-alarm house fire so if you are traveling in the area be aware of that. we will bring you more on the fire coming up in a few minutes. no problems to report on the jfx, nice and clear into the city beltway 11 minutes from parkville towards towson and west side nice and clear. and we just lopched a brand new -- launched a brand new gas give away contest today. you can win $600 in free gas cards through the entire summer. all you have to do is like my facebook profile and all of the details are at the very top of my page. be sure to enter.
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now to the supreme court decision upholding president obama's health care reform. linda so is live at franklin square hospital to brake it down. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are joined by the registered nurse. thanks is for joining us. a lot has been said about how complex this law is but for the average family what does it mean? >> the average family for those who don't a have health insurance more people will be covered and go to preventive care and doctor's office versus er for health care services. so, annual exams and babe -- well baby visits are covered and won't. [audio not understandable] >> reporter: you are a registered nurse and see this every day. how did this impact how people get their care? >> well, instead of coming to the er as the first line of care or after several years of
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chronic illness or cardiovascular disease they will go to a doctor to be followed early into intervention for medication and diet and exercises versus the er when it's chronic and they are having srnlg rains things done to them. >> reporter: and for families who are low income, this especially helps them out when they need it. >> absolutely do. so, with the new bill people who make 133% of the poverty line will be covered for preventive services. >> reporter: when you first heard about the supreme court decision, what was your first reaction. >> i was excited because we know that a lot of people are uninsured and wait and by the time you see them it's not much you can do depend on what's -- depenning on what's going. so -- depenning on what's going on -- depending on what's going on. if we see them earlier we can catch things earlier. >> reporter: thanks so much for that and thanks for joining us. she will continue to be be here and we will have another hit in about 30 minutes and she will
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be with us throughout the 6:00 hour. we will have much more on the supreme court ruling and what it means especially for you and your family. live at franklin square hospital a, linda so, abc2 news. >> thanks. we have an entire section on our website dedicated to the ruling. it's on the top of the home page. check it out at and you can find this information on our mobile app as well. it's going to be a busy day on capitol hill. house is expected to vote on bills one including preventing student loan rates from doubling. the sticking point is how to comfort $6 billion shortfall if the house doesn't pass. interest rates could spike around 7%. something we will be paying attention to. today the president is touring parts of the colorado fire zone. police found one body among hundreds of homes that have been destroyed by the wild fires incal rough dough near colorado -- colorado near colorado springs. authorities told people late
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last night the homes were gone. it's news a family was devastated when they found this out. they saw the flames on a website. >> it was just total shock to see your house in a fireball, but i think that was also therapeutic too because we knew over the last couple days where there's a lot of families that don't know the outcome of the home. we knew from pretty much the get-go we lost the house. >> president obama has issued a disaster declaration for colorado releasing federal funds to help those areas that are affected by the wild fires. ten minutes away from five. health news for you this morning. dietitians are stressing that if you like to juice it, and you make sure you need to eat the whole fruits and vegetables health experts say the skin has health benefits and dietitians say if you are diet is lacking fruit and vegetables juice sag great way to start. >> if this is one way to get your fruits and vegetables that you find fun and you find
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tasty, i think it's a great option. and hopefully as time goes on, you will be more interested in some of the whole foods as well. >> health experts say you can get more concentrated sugars from juicing because it's going to take more fruit to get one glass of juice that you desire. speaking of fruit, health experts say when it comes to fruits and vegetables this summer, take your kids out to pick the produce. this will give them something to do since their rue toon may be off from -- routine may be off from school being out and start off with a healthy smoothy. plan ahead with snack time and don't eat empty calories. let us know what you are doing your favorite summertime food and meal and the summer sound off on facebook on the weekend is almost here and what better way to start it than freebie friday. so deals to find stuff for free thanks to free sample mamma. friday night live is back at the power plant this summer with a great lineup of free
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concerts. the doors open at 6 p.m. tonight with the band split decision. check it out and this sunday, celebrate america sundays every sun throughout the summer from 4 in the afternoon until 6 p.m. at the harbor place summer concert series featuring free perform and and the best regional and local bands including military ensemble every sunday afternoon. check out the freebie friday section under the lifestyle tab on all right. so hopefully the summer will be be filled with great days to go out and see the concerts but right now lynette we have severe weather to talk about. >> exactly. we have severe thunderstorms popping up across the area. you can see right now, they are in the red coloring. so we are looking at cecil county harford county baltimore county and frederick county and carroll county. and the areas here shaded in the yellowish color is a severe thunderstorm watch that will be in effect this morning. so the storms are diving down off from the northeast to the southeast. and we can see that storm track
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on so rising sun you will be in under the gun in 15 minutes with the severe thunderstorms. we are looking at some large hail and also some damaging winds in excess of 60 miles an hour. you're under the gun port deposit at 22 minutes. 27 in perryville. and northeast coming in around 30 minutes and more of the same around elkton. again, some very gusty wind and dangerous weather we are talking about this morning. as we look at the satellite and radar, it's that cluster so once this moves through, then we will be out of the woods heading through the remainder of the morning and we will get sunshine going throughout the day. and with that, temperatures are already soaring. lots of moisture and that's why we are kealing with the -- dealing with the severe weather. it will get hotter from there a heat advisory in effect at 11 and that stays in effect until about 9 today. it's going to be be a hot one out there i will talk more about that coming up but let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook how are the roads.
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>> reporter: good morning. we are following breaking news out of southwest baltimore where there's a two-alarm house fire that shut down sponson street. on the main lines looking as the west side at liberty road, you will notice nothing to get in your way. it will be nice and clear and you are looking at just an 11- minute ride on outer loof from 795 down towards 95. as we check in and look at other drive times, if you are using the jfx to get into the city from the beltway downtown, to east fayette street it's an len minute trip and no concerns on 95 through the fort mchenry tunnel from the beltway to the toll plaza you are look at an 8- minute ride. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic now over to you. we are 6ments away from five. a lot of us will put on a bathing suit. but a decades old law in new jersey has a law banning swimming suits. the cite a former -- a


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